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Stop doing everything manually! Save time and money.

Discord automation software. For mass direct messages, Discord servers promotion, invite, parser, autoresponder and account generator.

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Works on Windows and Mac OS
Features of One Dash
High performance
High performance
The program quickly implements any tasks for working in Discord.
Flexible configuration
Flexible configuration
Software will adapt to you.
Full documentation
Full documentation
Right in the application there is a guide to all the nuances when working with Discord.
Nice updates
Nice updates
New features are regularly updated and implemented in the application for more comfortable work.
Who is One Dash for?
Owners of their own servers

Owners of their own servers

Owners of their own servers

SMM specialists

Advertising agencies

Advertising agencies

Traffic arbitration specialists

Traffic arbitration specialists

Owners of Internet projects

Owners of Internet projects

Business of all sizes

Business of all sizes

What can One Dash do?

To find the right audience, you can use our high-speed user parser:
- collecting all users of any server takes UP TO 1 MINUTE
- multithreaded mode: parsing several servers simultaneously
- all kinds of filters are available: user status (online, out of place, do not disturb, offline), user device (Web, Mobile, Desktop), user activity, voice chat participant, Shared server filter, checking of certain roles, checking of default avatars, date of connection to the server, date of user registration
- after parsing is created list of users that can be edited, merged, randomized export, export

By creating a list of users, you can send messages:
- multithreaded mode is available, speed is 300+ messages per minute
- sending up to 10 files (with spoiler function)
- automatic account change: you specify the required number of messages and the software sends from these accounts, alternately changing them
- auto-response: when receiving messages from users, software sends a message with a specific timeout. You can also customize scripts for your answers.
- adding users to friends - before sending messages the program throws a request to friends
- black list: after successful sending a message, the user will be added to the blacklist application that can be edited
- the message text can be changed be right during the spamming, there is support for randomization
High-speed server spammer with the function of verification accounts, deletion sent messages and mass mention of users.
Stop, pause, view logs, and much more you can take advantage of dispatch.

In order to fill your Discord server with participants and revitalize it, you can use a reliable invitee:
- the invitee works in multithread, speed - 12+ accounts per second
- 2 operating modes: join/leave from servers
- up to 100 servers can be invited per account

Accounts for work
To perform the above actions, you need at least 1 Discord account.
The program also provides a convenient storage for accounts:
- adding accounts does not take much time, you specify email and password, if any - token. You can add up to 1000 accounts
- for maximum speed, the software uses tokens, which it receives automatically
- resume session: the software logs into your Discord account using his data
- mass account management: change of usernames and avatars (selection of random images/usernames from the specified, speed - 10+ accounts per second)
- all accounts can be exported in a convenient format

Account Creator
If you are tired of creating accounts manually/buying them, we strongly recommend using our quick registrar:
- the registrar can work in 50+ streams without any load on the PC
- phone and mail verification
- solution captcha occurs through rucaptcha, 2captcha, anti-captcha, cap monster, xevil,, deathbycaptcha,
- Socks/Http proxies (receiving free proxies)
- saving tokens
- inviting to servers
- account restriction
- avatar download function: one of the specified files is randomly selected and installed on
egistriruemy account - provided for the convenience of random generation email and
yuzerneym * the registrar is sold separately, contact details.

- there is a dark theme in applications, for more comfortable work
- support for http/socks proxy
- software has an English version

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Main Tool
Account Generator
Account Generator
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Have questions?
Find answers in F.A.Q:

Can I use the program on a VPS/virtual machine?

What do I need to work with software?
At least one working Discord account.

Can I use software to cheat participants on the server?
Yes, you can use our inviter.

What numbers are used to register accounts?
Numbers of Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Poland, Kyrgyzstan and Sweden.

Can I use only the email and password from the account?
Yes, the software itself will receive a token.

How much does the program load the PC, can I use a computer in parallel?
The program does not give much load on the PC, so you can safely do your own business while the software is running.

Does the software do timeouts when the account is temporarily locked?
Yes, you can specify a timeout from 30 seconds to 15 minutes.

Is there text randomization support?
Yes: "{hello|hi}" - with this message text, either "hello" or "hi" will be sent randomly.

When spamming users, does the program invite accounts to the correct server?
Yes, when starting any spam, the program will invite all accounts to the necessary servers.

What is meant by a blacklist?
List of users who will be skipped during spam.

Or get a free consultation:

What are the limits in Discord?
Limitations for 1 Discord account (new account):
Spam with link/without link - 10-20 messages
Maximum number of server join: 100 servers
The optimal delay for mailing is 3-7 seconds.
For 2 accounts, we recommend using 1 proxy for spam/parsing/invite and other.
You can also buy ready-made accounts from us -

Spam sending messages in Discord — OneDash

Discord mailing list is one of the most effective tools used by modern marketers to promote products and services, attract traffic to the site and other similar purposes. However, the efficiency will be much more higher if you minimize costs and put the process on stream.

How do I send messages in Discord? The best option is the spam bot Discord. It allows you to automate routine processes and free up the time of marketers or administrators for other tasks. The program for spam in Discord reduces the cost of attracting one user. As a result, for the implementation of marketing activities, you need minimal funds that pay off very quickly.

You don't need to think on your own about how to make a spam bot in Discord. For these purposes, you can use existing software that has proven its effectiveness. One of them is One Dash. This utility allows you to to approach the matter comprehensively and solve most of the tasks facing the organizers without using others services.

Promotion of the Discord server - OneDash Discord

To quickly increase the audience of the community, a specialized service bot is used to promote discord servers. This is software that, with minimal participation of admins, allows you to increase the number of active participants. Discord promotion is a powerful marketing tool. After reaching a sufficient number of users The community can be used to disseminate information about trademarks, new brands, and manufactured products. It can also be used as a platform for placing advertisements and receiving funds from advertisers.

Who might need it?

  1. People who are engaged in advertising on social networks. The messenger is especially popular with gamers, which makes it possible to accurately position products and marketing offers. As a result, they will bring great returns, which helps attract new advertisers and increase profits.
  2. Arbitrageurs. Server promotion will allow you to create a new source of high-quality traffic that can redirect to affiliate programs or your own projects. At the same time, the costs of implementation will be minimal, which it is a huge plus.
  3. Businessmen, regardless of the field of activity. The promotion of Discord only at first glance does not give advantages business owners (online and offline). In fact, the communities of this messenger are an effective a marketing tool for promoting specific products or brands. The plus is that on this platform can accurately segment the target audience and adapt marketing offers to its needs. needs. This, in turn, will increase the conversion of visitors into buyers.

In addition, the messenger community, which is actively used both for gaming and business purposes, allows use them as a method of attracting visitors to targeted landing pages or corporate websites. This method increasing traffic requires less costs than traditional SEO promotion for highly competitive queries.

Cheat Discord server - OneDash Discord

Manual promotion requires considerable effort and takes a lot of time. For commercial purposes, this option is not it is suitable, since it will take a long time from the moment the channel is created to the moment when it can make a profit. The way out of this situation is a bot for cheating people into Discord. This is an innovative application with minimal financial costs and will allow you to attract new visitors quickly enough.

Consider the most important advantages of One Dash:

1. Informing the audience takes a minimum of time.

There is no need to manually perform various actions aimed at attracting people. The service performs all functions automatically. And thanks to the high performance, it takes a minimum of time. The application is free work on your computer, since it does not need a powerful processor and high-performance network connection.

2. The subscribers' cheat in the discord server is flexibly configured taking into account specific tasks.

An administrator who uses a bot to cheat users can set their own targeting parameters. Therefore, it is possible to attract only the audience that meets certain criteria. Chapter The software has many settings that simplify the setup procedure.

3. To use the software, you do not need to undergo special training.

Even a novice arbitrageur is able to work with the program at an elementary and advanced level. A detailed package of technical documentation is supplied with the software. With its help, even a person who can master the service can I have not used automation tools to attract an audience before.

The bot, which is used to cheat participants in Discord, is constantly being refined. The current version works stable and allows you to effectively perform the necessary tasks. As the program is updated , there are additional features that simplify the work and significantly speed up the promotion process.

Invite bot Discord - invite OneDash

For fast and efficient operation of the software, it is necessary to send invitations to participants to join a specific the channel. For this purpose, the invite bot Discord tool is used. This is a feature that invites people to the target community. Notifications are sent to the owners of existing accounts, taking into account the settings set. Thanks to this is why most of the "Invite requests" sent out lead to a positive result, that is, the appearance of a new one an active user.

Unlike other utilities that perform the same tasks, invite bot Discord has the following features:

  • In just a second, One Dash can send out invitations to dozens of recipients. Due to the mass character and multithreading, the efficiency of the software increases significantly.
  • The program is able to work simultaneously in two modes: connection and output. Thanks to this application performance increases. There is no need to run multiple separate utilities to solve typical tasks.
  • With one running account, you can join 100 servers at once.

The use of the Discord invite to invite new people gives the administrator the following advantages:

  1. The number of attracted users is increasing. Due to the automation of the process, it is possible in minimal time increase the audience without the risk of getting banned for violating the established rules of the messenger.
  2. Manual intervention in the process is excluded. After setting up the inviter and launching it, the admin can perform other tasks in parallel.
  3. The cost of sending invitations is reduced. You only need to purchase access to the software, after which you will no longer you will need to pay for the services of third-party specialists.

The best Discord parser is OneDash Discord

In order to collect the contact database for further processing, the Discord parser is used. With its help , you can collect ids of all participants from a certain channel for a minimum amount of time. As a result of using The discord of the parser will give you a list of logins or IDs that can be filtered by one of the criteria:

  • Whether the person is online or currently inactive;
  • The type of device on which the messenger is running (on a PC, a web version or an application on a smartphone);
  • When the account was registered in the system;
  • When a person with the specified username joined the server that is currently being parsed;
  • Exclusion of users who belong to certain communities;

And much more.

An additional advantage of using the utility for parsing accounts is that as a result you will be able to an editable list of addresses. It can be uploaded to a spam bot or other programs.

In addition, the resulting list can be:

  • Add to an existing database to form a new, broader list;
  • Combine with the results of parsing other servers to form a single database;
  • Export to other services for use in order to increase the audience of the channel.

The operation of the Discord parser allows you to collect a database of contacts (IDs) for which without additional costs and efforts then messages are sent out. Thanks to the possibilities of sorting and filtering lists, combining and exporting databases of course, this process becomes as convenient, economical and efficient as possible.

Discord Answering Machine — OneDash Discord

After the actions performed on spam, users often respond to your messages. And it is very important that there is instant feedback (feedback). If a person receives an answer to his request, then he is more likely to will join the channel or perform a targeted action (registration \ purchase). Thus the conversion rate increases, which allows you to expand the audience faster and at a lower cost. To send automatic responses to One Dash, there is an additional module – the Discord answering machine.

The mechanics are as follows:

  1. An advertising text is sent with an invitation to the server or a call to target action.
  2. The recipient responds to the message with a clarifying question.
  3. The Discord autoresponder sends an automatic response.

The advantage over other answering machines and similar services is that the utility does not send a typical the answer is personalized, taking into account the customized scenario. The administrator can flexibly customize the response options depending on the recipient's request. As a result, a potential participant gets the impression that he is talking to a lively conversationalist. This motivates you to join the community.

Advantages of using an answering machine:

  • The complexity of the work is reduced, since you do not need to manually respond to requests;
  • The response time to the recipient's request is reduced, which increases the conversion rate;
  • The process of filling and promotion of your channel is accelerated.

Discord — OneDash account autoreg Generator

The software can only work if it is connected to a working messenger account. However, due to the specifics sooner or later, the security algorithms identify the account from which the mass mailing is made. messages, and ban him. Therefore, in order to use a spammer, it is necessary to constantly register new accounts.

For this purpose, the Discord account generator is used, which is sold separately from the mailing service. It liberates administrator from having to manually register. But at the same time it allows you to register a virtual a user who will not be banned due to non-compliance with the messenger's security rules.

The Discord account registrar has the following advantages:

  • Generates login, password, date of birth and other parameters.
  • Activates the account via email addresses.
  • Automatically passes phone number verification (SMS activation).
  • Supports any existing proxy types.
  • Loads the avatar from the specified file;

The advantage of this utility is working at high speed in multithreaded mode. Running the program does not lead to a large computer load. In addition, the software saves tokens, which makes it possible to connect registered accounts via the API interface.

Discord Spammer — OneDash Discord

One Dash is the best discord spammer, as it allows you to automate all the operations necessary to increase the number of participants on the server and sending messages to other people.

The Discord spammer has the following features:

  1. High speed operation. Thanks to multithreading support, the utility is able to send from 300 messages per wait a minute. In parallel, the channel administrator can perform other tasks.
  2. The ability to attach files containing advertising materials to attract the attention of users to your advertising offer.
  3. Changing accounts to prevent a ban. Periodic change of the account from which the mailing is made, allows you to minimize blocking due to violation of the rules of the messenger. In addition, if you received a ban, the account will be changed and the sending of messages will continue.
  4. Automatic addition to friends. The Discord spammer bot sends invitations to a specific database with support for the blacklist so that there are no repeat shipments.
  5. Protocol maintenance. The software automatically generates a log for viewing executable actions in order to detect and bug fixes, process optimization.
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